Words and more

I seek to understand, appreciate, and create.


In the past few years I've spent much time searching for some truth that governs us all. I have discovered many things that have helped me build to where I presently sit in understanding.

"Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever."
~ Goethe

I am a scanner. Always searching or looking for some new thing to know. There is much to discover which leaves me picking up rocks, turning thoughts over in my head, and waking at strange hours of the night to listen to the sounds of a sleepy house. Curious by nature I jump from thought to thought in order to entertain myself. I am also working on my ability to sit in the still and take time slow. I have claimed to be an observer, a teacher of history, an anthropologist, a philosopher, a socialist, a failure, a researcher, an imposter, a lover, a mother, a writer, a poet, a learner, a dreamer...a spiritual being climbing jachobs latter. I am imperfect and thankful for what the Divine continually reveals to me through my pains of wrong choice and joy of right choice.


noah and josh

Noah and Josh 2008

My existence is built around a strong family. Visiting my mom and spending time with my brothers and sister is very important to me. I drive many miles to be close to them weekly. I have been blessed with a wonderful life. I am learning to respect the grand scale of the universe...and work on me... which helps everyone who knows me... I believe in working towards ownershipless love. I long to deeply understand and to share my understanding.

Things I like to do:

Read... think... talk with people to understand myself and ultimately us all... I am curious and love seeking knowledge and then spending time figuring out if it is solid, or just a reaction of some imbalance. I want to know more about philosophy, science, and God's spiritual presence in us. I want to explore photography, and I have piles of pictures from my odl school SLR camera laying in a box ready to be put to use...(i will figure it out soon enough) I also love writing. You may often find me writing on napkins, frosted windows or with key strokes, which I feel keeps me connected to a constant need of expression. What stirs me one day may hold a different meaning for me the next. . I also discovered that I love crafts... I am not that talented...meaning I was not given the gift of crafting, but I find it helpful...actually it is great for meditating. I am not an orginal artists, or an extrodinary writer... I am just me, and I am happy I have finally gotten a chance to know myself... over the last few years. I look forward to what comes next.

My spelling, grammar, and mechanics are complete rubbish. I won't apologize (that often), I will just make due.

*** It has taken me countless hours to get to the point of publishing my web site on the internet (I think I foolishly claimed it would be done in a matter of a week). There were of course times when I thought it would never be completed. I have come to the conclusion it never will be done because there will always be growth and change. I am excited about sharing me in another medium.***