Words and more

Exploring the wonders of this world through every interaction, a dreamer's emotions and words. I seek to understand,appreciate, and create.


I like to take photos... I have not taken any classes for this so they are what they are, but I find it's one of my favorite things to do. I don't know how to use photoshop so much, I don't know much about digital photos either. However,... love is all we need. right?! I am in love with my Pentax K100 D

Strawberry Splash Digital 2014

Orange Splash Digital 2014


Night's Approch Digital 2013


Fall Fall Digital 2013


Bifocal fall Digital 2013

Pippi Digital 2014


Silent Revrence Digital 2013


Pippi Fall Hike 2013 Digital


Sun and Oak 2013 Digital


Autum's Spoils Digital 2013


Fall... Walk. 2013


Burning Bush Digital 2013


Harvest 2013


Fringed Moon Sight Digital 2012


Spring Coming Unsprung Digital 2012


Confined Wet Extendor Digital 2012


Stonefaith Digital 2012


Togeather Digital 2011

Photographer In Me Digital 2011


Wine Digital 2011


In Motion Digital 2011


Electric Mother Digital 2011


November Surface Digital 2011

Beautifully Murky Digital 2011


End of Summer Digital 2011


Intense Tranquility Digital 2011


Stood a Blue Mushroom Digital 2011


Bright Mushroom Forest Digital 2011


Violet Consumption Digital 2011



Healing Digital 2011


Drawing Out Essence Digital 2011



Seedthreads Digital 2011


Highview Digital 2011


Centered Digital 2011


SetTilt Digital 2011


Coupled Digital 2011


Fractured Wing Digital 2011


Snowy Dream Digital 2010


Winter's Glow Digital 2010


Wood Fringe Digital 2009


See Collage it's the collage i am presenting not the photo of the collage


Thunder Whirl Digital 2009


Spin Sctober DIgital 2009



Carnavel Night Digital 2009


blues and greens

Blues and Green Digital 2009


Everything Shines Digital 2009


stone lion

Stone Lion Digital 2008

orange relic

Orange Relic (hello me) Digital 2008

american cousins

American Cousins Digital 2008


Alley Play Digital 2008

autumn ice

Autumn Ice Digital 2008

barren dusk


Blurry Barren Dusk Digital 2008


Blues Digital 2008



Collage-ing Digital 2008

sun spots water drops ice

Sunspots Water Drops Ice Digital 2008

hue house

Hue House Digital 2008


winter full moon

Winter Full Moon Digital 2008


winter path

Winter Path Digital 2008



ZuZu Digital 2008



Graffiti Manual 2007


Spiral Lights Digital 2008


fair refelctions

Fair Reflections Digital 2008



A Rose Digital 2008

color saturation and contrast adjusted

synapsis collage

Synapsis Collage Digital 2008



Revalations Digital 2008

not the best photo but here is my melt down collage... serious meltdown.


first collage

Man digital 2008

this is the first collage everyone was so helpful with!!



Wish Digital 2008


stone to sand

Stone to Sand 2008 digital

in time this too shall fall...



Self 2007

alone in another hotel...forgetting where i am...to know who i am, excepting...this.


east reflection

May 2008 Digital


horse scape

Horse Scape 2008

inverted, high contrasted and color balance ...adjusted...lets get on up and ride...wild in the neon glow...wide eyed.



Bonding Horse 2008 digital

i went to a ranch, stayed for three days...by the end i can say...this horse and i bonded...if only for a secoond. (hehe...)



Worn 2008 DIgital

almost looks organic...like plastic slate.


forgotten light

Forgotten Light 2008 Digital

a forgotten space...soon to be demolished, it is said there was nothing worth remembering here any way.

breaking bubblebreaking Dxpansion 2008 Digital

deep in the woods there is this old trailer...stories say terrible things happened here...the trees do wispher...warning while taking a series of pictures.


radieant still

Radiant Still 2006

water tower

Ghost Industry 2006 Manual SLR



Cartoonoah Digital 2007

digital with color filters, altered saturation and other minor adjustments



reaching 2005 (compact digital)

took noah to thatcher park... and had him be king of the mountain on a picnic table.


winter freckles

Winter Freckles 2008 (digital)

noah with his winter complexion and winter nose from a winter cold...


shadow puppets

shadow puppets 2007 (hand compact sony digital)

took noah camping at monroe state park, had him dancing on the sand before swimming



Illuminate 2007 manual slr

the hudson valley at dusk near the saratoga battle field (the turning point of the revolutionary war...important 5th grade information hehe)


breaking through pavement

breaking through pavement 2008 (digital)

in troy there are lots of holes just like this, on my way back from beautiful troy library took this picture


brush strokes

brush strokes 2008 (digital)

noah was playing with a cat toy full of feathers and a flash light, I started taking pics and then we set a few picture up just for fun


ice waking

ice waking 2008 (digital)

outside of my office the day after an ice storm...below troy sits...and then the hudson river




flame and feather

flame and feather 2008 (digital)

more cat toy and falshlight fun



parting 2008 (digital)

outside my office on my way home, I take dusks pictures as often as I can because I love acid washed skies...


electric china

electric china 2008 (digital)

on playing outside with my friend corey to see what the ice was doing to the world, I took this picture... I liked the intensity of the color out of the darkness...plus the bulb was made in China, which is just so typical... an american invention 'out sourced' in a changing economy...such is the way of post industrilzation... oh my...


ice web

ice web 2008 (digital)

corey might have actually taken this... or I did, I don't remember who took what, we have more but this is the one I put up... I feel traped in an ice web



leaping edge

the leaping edge 2008 (digital)

at the troy library, my favorite library. I have files of pictures from this place, i love it! you should visit it and hide away in the back shelves. I find much clarity there...and of course a place for leaping...


oil on pavement

oil on pavement 2008 (digital with photo shop high contrast)

Went walking to pick up Noah from school, took a short cut behind the golden que (pool hall near my house) there was a lot of oil on the pavement... I was there for a good 10 minutes finding wonderful things...terrible things actually if you think about it...yet beautiful none the less



residue 2008 (digital)

puddle outside of my home, those our my power lines going to my house... i am sure my car added to what collects on the surface...


down is up

down is up 2008 (digital)

I am going to learn how to turn this house into a dark deep space with stars... and then put it up with the photoshop changes... for now just another puddle reflection. I am in love with refelctions...looking down...you see what is up...its a like a gift of double sight.



waking 2008 (digital)

Minina' last day at my house, I got up early after sleeping next to her all night on the floor. This is the sun rising, we have a lot of beautiful old trees on our property.



mound 2007 (manual slr)

Outside of my moms house I made a mound of stones and took some shots... I was pleased when I got the film back to find so many wonderful rocks. That is one thing that draws me to photograpy, getting a chance to appriciate something we kind of rush by normally...busy doing...not always beign though (I think).



earth 2007 (compact digital)

on my way back from Minneapolis, I took this picture from the plane window...


playing dead

playing dead 2007 (manula put on computer turned digital with high contrast in photoshop)

behind my mothers house there is a lot of old farm land, I walked through it to the river valley taking shots along the way, hear a trea looks dead...yet in three months latter it was covered in beautiful leaves....


deceptive surface

deceptive surface 2008 (digital)

our old oak reflected on to Frost Place. I love the trees on my street


water forms

water forms...trees 2008

more of our trees refected into our street... the sun was wonderful that day... everything was melting...and wet.