Understand, Apperciate, Create

August 30, 2017

I share all of these things while in parts of this country Storm Harvey is creating havoc, hatred has reared its angry head in Virginia...and other places, those on the left and right political argue over every little thing....Korea releasing more bombs, and.... so much suffering still exists on tis planet... So I share all of what is happening with an aware eye that this is a small microcosm of l...

June 14, 2017

And just like that... I am committed.

     that gnawing truth about the environment i have been trying so hard to come to terms        

     meat is not a necessity at this point, i have choices, my choices matter, i can't afford an            electric car right now, so I ride my bike as often as possible and I eat plants. 10 years ago I      was...

May 9, 2017

~ We are back from SAN ANTONIO!  ~

Josh and I were both blown away at the luck of timing (time as in having been on our side)...while in San Antonio it was FIESTA week.  You know that week long city wide party where they celebrate their history and the Alamo!  Not only was it a week long party, with carnivals, parades, busy streets full of Viva Fiesta spirit...but the Spurs were also winning some im...

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We are knitted...knotted...mirror...mirror


I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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