Understand, Apperciate, Create

March 12, 2018

i am feeling like lower case letters fit most of this... 

today was a beautiful day.  josh and i went to the abode for a Sunday service.  topic being: suffering and our connection to everyone.  when we suffer god suffers.  josh had a lot of interest.  he enjoyed the vibe of the abode.  we talked with others after the service and then joined them for brunch.  we stood in a circle and gave thanks and...

February 11, 2018

Josh is in the studio recording music, Noah is in the basement...surfing the internet....eating....or laying around...possibly texting, scanning videos....seeking information all at his finger tips.  I am not 100 percent sure exactly what he is doing...but he just popped up here and asked if we could, go for a ride, where he drives and I sit...loose as goose, not tightly wound and ready to pounce,...

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We are knitted...knotted...mirror...mirror


I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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