It's been just about 2 months! Catching up!

September 18, 2016


I just got back from a 16 mile run so feeling a bit exhausted when I filmed this.  So many things have been happening!!!  


We have started the school year!  Noah is still being home schooled as we have yet to move out of this school district. 

His course work consists of:

English- novel reading, audio books, for practice with grammar editing, building and story writing.






History of World War I and World War II 


Musicmatichs - science and math of sound and music. 



Conversation Spanish 


Latin vocabulary building 


Electronics - building electronics


Computer Coding - using python platform 


Typing - typing 


We went on a lot of great weekend and day trips this summer!   We were blessed to be able to buy a 1980s pop up camper in excellent condition.  We had been shopping around but everything was over $2000.00.   I got the camper for $800.00 and we an use it as a work right off with Josh's business as we will and have used it to go to various gigs and stay on site!   Josh installed a solar rig for the camper and now we can have power no matter if there is hook ups or not.


One of the best gigs Josh did this summer (imo) was Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.   Noah and I volunteered there for the weekend.  Noah did the teen crew and I did access crew (which is helping handicap folks get to and from where they need to go).  Due to our volunteering we were able to get free comparing.  Needless to say, we brought the camper and solar rig.  We had so much fun at Falcon Ridge. My mom even came and volunteered.  This was a first.  Now she is going to come back every year!  She is going to make sure it is a family event and by having my brother and sister come with their family as well.  It's just all so fabulous I can barely wrap my mind around it.  I hope that we do make this a yearly family get together!!  I LOVE being so close to Josh while he worked, spending time with him while he did monitors was an honor.  

The energy at Falcon Ridge is - Music, Family, and Love.  



 I went on a girls camping trip to the Thousand Island.   I took Hedy, but let Willow home with Josh, Noah and Zoe.  Willow and hurt her foot rough housing with Hedy, and I wanted to give her some time to heal.  The Thousand Islands is beautiful.  What a great way to end summer bay spending it so close to nature.  


We have slowly been remodeling the kitchen.  Well...mostly it has been Josh, we are doing this to get ready to rent out our house so we can transition into a new house.  But the more we do here the more I long to stay in the current house we are in.   Though we did go and look at a 200 year old home a few days ago, and it had some amazing unique "old worldy" charm, we were both worried about the amount of time, money, and stress we might have to devote to the home.   So for now we keep looking and keep working on building up our ability to buy a home as well as repair this house.  Josh has done an amazing job with all the projects.  He has been great about asking my input on color and material.   I feel really close to the process when he is so inclusive.  

Noah continues to play guitar.  He now is in a rock school where he is in a band of other musicians and they are building up to play a show in late October.  

My marathon is October 9th.   I have two more weeks of training then a week of rest before the marathon.  I am looking to raise $500.00 dollars for Girls on the Run.  I am $170.000 from meeting my goal.  Going to try and push hard for that last $170.00.  


I ran the Maple Leaf Half Marathon last weekend, September 10ht, and did well.  I did not push myself but my pace was defiantly surprising me as I had been training with a heart rate monitor and so was at a 13ish mile pace to keep my heart rate in the zone I wanted to be in.  During race day I was running 10ish mile pace... though I did feel it at the last mile... I felt pretty fantastic the entire 12 miles before that last mile.   I am so happy that my body has been healing and that my foot has mended through careful training and a nutritious diet. 

Yesterday Josh and I went to the farmers market together.  I really love doing these things with him.  I bought a bunch of arugula sprouts and ate them on the spot.   We took Hedy around the market as well and she did great. 

I am excited about going over to Willow Marsh Farm today to buy some raw milk. 

At 10 I am going to the Unitarian service so I better wrap up this blog.  

peace and blessing



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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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