I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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The Box

December 31, 2016

The Box' is a tiny concrete cell deep in the bowels of a secret base.


The Box, knows not what it is...as it is just a place, yet The Box, is spoken of as if it were a being held in great esteem.   Bio tech cowboy alchemists gather with great privilege in meeting The Box for the first time.  A society of science...a secret society... of science, with their own set of rituals and symbols, initiate the inner members with The Box as core.  The society of synthesis hidden in plain sight, yet hidden non the less.

Wild west chemists...meeting on weekend retreats where the delicate nature of compounds and chalk board chemical structures become animated; distilled into physical reality...here they find substance.  They find rewards in The Box.  

The Box is brotherhood.  



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