when things are eerie, and connected...when things are sublime and connected

March 8, 2017

you know how in the digital world, when things get eerie... and it all connects, and that's why it is eerie!    ...the connections, the layers of the constant noise you interject yourself into... the ease of the process...the release with the intention to be... available.    in the submerse, that which you have projected yourself on to..., invited in...that which  (me or you...us) have blatantly return to over and over again, even though it can teeter on the eerie...the digital realm of the new frontier.

welcome to fodder; the thick fertile crescent for consumable episodes of the Black Mirror, or for books like The Circle.

well i have been there... and possibly you have as well...plenty have in this digital noodle whipping in time wet with process of chemical structure break down...soft in which the process has made it...and malleable yet still structurally sound, (one of my favorite qualities). 

Any way, i finished The Circle by Dave Eggers, last night.  like most things i spend time on, i find ways to enjoy it, grow from it, gleam valuable moments from...  

it's eerie, like... so many things now a days... within the digital realm.   eerie as in others inserting themselves into you...eerie in how it all fits together like a progression...eerie yet enthralling. 

On to the sublime.

Sublime; the delish:  we have decided to give Blue Apron a shot.    We will incorporate this into home school, Noah will prepare the meals with me being his sew chef.  Well that is what I envision.  We will see how sublime it all can be once it arrives this Friday, and if it truly is as excellent as others have made it out to be, well it will be a nice addition to the routine of kitchen affairs at the house. 

Other things in the beauty of food preparation; sourdough was made with sprouted spelt flour. Dense and pungent; I was happy with its results.   I also made sourdough artisan King Arthur and whole wheat flour rolls, which have been great to pull out of the fridge, warm on the griddle and eat melted grass fed butter on.  You know I have to throw in all these nuance details, because these buzz words are all the rage "grass fed"... and it's almost like just buy buying, sharing that I have bought it, that we are consuming it, is helping out cows everywhere.  Does't every cow deserve a diet of rich roaming pasture, less corn and more grass? Surely, as I justify my meat and dairy eating decisions for calorie intake and energy conversion.

Any who...my winding digressions could go on an on all day... my time management tossed to the winds of blogging...   yet...it is all so connected. 


The sublime has been in the woods and trees, we drove to Massachusetts this weekend and walked among old growth forest.  The dogs were delighted and wolf like transcended if only momentarily.   

The weather has been moody... all this way, then that way....   I am waiting for Spring to mature and looking forward to the settling in of Summer, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.  So many great things to look forward with in March.... 

Rituals of life have been busy and steady. 

Prayer, cards, energy, podcasts, running, inversion hanging, isometric holds, cooking, picture taking, reading, audio books, wild hair crafting, sex, poop picking, fur sweeping, music listening, shoulder leaning, weight supporting, word sharing, tax calculations and deductions... these have been the things that have been swaying me along while inserting math, science and social studies into the mix.

magic(k)...make it.

blessings...molt it. 



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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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