The Greats of late : the homage.

August 30, 2017

I share all of these things while in parts of this country Storm Harvey is creating havoc, hatred has reared its angry head in Virginia...and other places, those on the left and right political argue over every little thing....Korea releasing more bombs, and.... so much suffering still exists on tis planet... So I share all of what is happening with an aware eye that this is a small microcosm of life on earth in a larger macrocosm of push and pull struggles and blessings.... this fabric of "reality" bundled in various ways... with people experiencing so many version of life currently, is just my experience.

Noah has his diploma issued by New York State of Education.  So home school has officially ended! 

Starting next week he will be taking English and Economics at HVCC  He is starting driving classes in two weeks through the Right Way Driving Center, and will be finishing up the School of Rock Guitar project by the end of September.  

We are very happy for him to experience all these opportunities, humbled by the process of parenting a teen, in awe of the developing unfolding process of all that is Noah....admittedly fearful of the almost arrival of adult hood, weary in the teen vs. parent head butting, energized by constant newness in his developing consciousness...  and blessed with a heart full of thankfulness. 

Ashley our birth daughter now an adult ....has her own home with her husband Storm, who we have loved from day one for his just loving ways and open heart. They have a daughter who has brought so much love into the heart and soul of the Proches and Coakleys for unification and growth.   Catalyst of love yes i believe so.  Waiting patiently for the Proches to ease into the idea of accepting us for all that is us in our perfect imperfections and help in healing from the adoption and general trauma we have had to endure in our own life with such sacrifice though a true blessing for them, and how things like adoption can be two things at once, simultaneously... which is how so many things are in this world. 

Willow is over a series of ear infections...and we will be seeing how she does in the next month, she may have some sort of environmental allergies? 

Josh though slow at building the deck is ... building it all the footings have been poured.  The deck will be a decent deck in proportion to the house and yard size 10 x 12... the yard will be divided with a chain link fence with one portion for free roaming pups and the other portion for grass to grow and the TeePee!  Everything is taking way longer than I was hoping for and on a few occasions I have been a nag to Josh I am sure.   But with his work schedule being so everywhere and all over the place, Tanglewood in Massachusetts doing free lance, Saratoga fashion show with his own audio business, Studio work ... he just hasn't had that one thing he ultimately needs extended periods of time.

We got one of those VR contraptions the phone goes into, I wanted to see if I could get that program that shows how factory farming looks and feels from an Animal perspective.  I was hoping to also explore some other VR type programs for a chance to fly through google maps and things like that.

Today I have a 10 mile run to touch under my belt.

I am making vegan pasta fagioli tonight.  I'm using the recipe I linked to only substituting cranberry beans. 

Blessed be and be blessed.


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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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