Spring in 19 days and traveling

March 1, 2018

so we got a taste of spring...and it was delicious.


spring will be here in 19 days!  

Josh has started working on the yard, even though i am sure more snow will come. 


the dogs have a lot of energy.  daily trips to the park have brightened their mood as they prance about chasing shadows, squirrels, and looking the 'chase me" vibes.


Noah spent last week watching the dogs, as josh and i were in Baltimore.  the trip was basically free, free hotel all week, free vip city pass to all the attractions that baltimore has, free dinners at places i would probably never go to...and free time....so much....free time.   thank you sound and tech company who hires josh free lance for away gigs.  


we go to nye next month...same deal


washington dc....in november...same deal.


san francisco a year from now...same deal.   free stuff and free time...which is a thrill on my end, but actually not free for josh...as he works...and nothing is really for free now right?...  except air.   i feel happy that this time has come, but bummed that i was so heart sick before i was included in the travel...this is no fairy tale and i won't paint my life like some ridiculous romance novel.... this is war and peace on a small scale missing the russian aristocrats...and almost all things ruissian, besides what is in the current political circus and the  russian style hat made in Vietnam that i broke down and bought at .99 cent city for $5.00 (yes...the store's name is misleading)...and yes... this is my version of war and peace....


i guess i am not in that phase where i feel no need to capitalize 'i'... small i... sick of 'i's' and or lazy...  just an observation of self. 


work is going smoothly, even though every piece of old technology is breaking.... computer grant came in thank you very much sabrina....and I.T.S. for all your collaboration.   new phone system...still learning it.  the general group energy good...with just a little bit of frustration peeking around the edges...so be it... 'this is no yoga retreat around here...' i will catch my 'zen moment's when i can be it when i stare at my tulips i bought myself, or when the office is empty so i can actually feel like i can focus on just one thing at a time...


i'm excited about today.  it is sunny and spring is on it's way.  


be well.  mote it be.







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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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