February - A Full Month

March 9, 2019

February was a full month.  Noah Turned 19, I continued my training with the airline job, I started to ramp up my dog sitting business, and we went to California. I am almost done with my class on Life Coaching (to be a life coach).  My running took a big break due to the weather but I am looking forward to the sunny days ahead to kick it back in gear.

Noah is now back in the house, and it is nice to see him more often.  As expected the laundry is out of control.  He is now dating and that is a neat transition in many ways. 

Hedy and Willow have enjoyed so many great snowy moments at the dog part this month.  As is typical in winter, we lost many balls in the snow.  We hope that when the spring thaw comes many of the lost balls will be found.   

The trip to California was relaxing and full of unexpected moments of awe.   Josh and I stayed in the Hilton Union Square, completely free!  Our room was on the 34th floor, so we had a great view of the city and bay.  China town was a 10 minute walk Union Square.  I went there as often as I could.  I found a yummy vegetarian/vegan Chinese restaurant through the Purple Cow app, and I went there more than once.  It was a delight!  Josh and I had some great meals at a pub that was close to the hotel, the Barlett Hall.  :D They had beyond burgers.  Josh was super thrilled with the beer selection as well.   I flew out to Los Angles for a day, rented a car and drove up the Pacific Highway to Malibu California.  It was BEAUTIFUL! 

February ended, and I was still trying to clean up from all the fun, and make time to accommodate our new schedules.   Noah's, Josh's, and mine; all three of us have rearranged some things in the last month so we are figuring out the new flow of how things will work.  The dog walking/sitting has increased as well, I have now saved up enough for a beautiful Turkish hall way carpet runner.  I am currently saving up for a large living room rug of the same style.  We have been furniture window shopping for the last month.  I am narrowing down the styles I like the most. 

March is sure to be just as busy as February.  Josh will be traveling on the road off and on for two weeks.  I am dog sitting, dog walking, and working the late shift/super early 3 a.m. shirt  at the airport.  Noah is hoping to sell more shoes and get his "side hustle" of selling off liquidated items on the internet. 


I hope to post pics soon!  

mote it be.


peace and blessings 




































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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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