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November 20, 2019

Today I found myself sitting among writers. I was attending a writing group in support of my beautiful friend and all her writing ventures. Three minutes in, and it became clear I would be considered a peer...an equal. (((divine you sure are a sneaky lover who deeply listens, thank you))) Delightfully interesting! As the circle made its way with each member describing their purpose for attending a writers group, I realized that I could also call myself a "writer," so what if it's just a blog, only notes to self in journals growing warped and wrinkled. Poems have been disregarded over the years as I have given myself into new moments. I am an elicitor of words, creator, coconspirator in this multi-dimensional reality.


(we hear, present for one another)




here are some old poems

its true ships are fallible.

dank planks

the musk of rotted wood.

uneasy soft creaking

we sail a heavy fibrous sponge.

we sink.we drown.we become pulp…

slowly slipping into another kind of delicious.

the fish eat our eyes and nibble on our fingers
a halo of ourselves floats as an ocean galaxy.

we ever smaller and smaller.
we and we… more of us, every where.
we diffuse weighted, still gravity

rain down like snow into the chasm of forever night
beast wear us as we become one with them
trickery becomes a light among directionless space…mute.

we end in silence like we have always known

...we felt the slowing of our heart
we did not feel the munching of their teeth.


~ patience

my heart 

is an organ,

i was looking at it today

my pelvic ribs a bone butterfly 

shoulder veins delicately weave

blue paths laced close to the surface

left breast rises with my pulse,



~ patience


















nibble on our fingersa halo of ourselves floats as an ocean galaxy.we ever smaller and smaller.we and we… more of us, every where.we diffuse weighted, still gravitynow rain down like snow into the chasm of



forever nightbeast wear us as they entice the living to become one with themtrickery becomes a light among directionless space…mute.we end in silence like we have never knownwe heard the slowing of our heartwe did not hear the munching of their teeth.~ patience


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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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