a call

December 7, 2019


It always seems to happen when I am elbow-deep into a project, covered in cobwebs, tangled in the laundry, wrestling with dust, shaking the bits clinging to a bagless vacuum wall.   

Getting a call from Noah triggers many things, first my heart beams then my mind jumps to worry.  Typically we text, but when he resorts to a formal phone call request, it is because he has an immediate need. Today his tire came off the rim after it popped. Luckily he was just a few blocks from me and that I have AAA plus, which always makes these types of auto problems manageable.  

What a blessing today has been. We sat and talked in my car as we waited for the tow truck to come. We talked like friends, like mom son friends. And I sure do miss him a lot. I love looking at him and listening to him breakdown situations.


One of my favorite parts of our conversation: 

..."now that we are all adults"...

...and I laughed, he looking wounded, and I quickly noted to him, "well, dad and I don't feel like adults."

"I don't think anyone feels like an adult," he reassured me.  

"So true, Noah." 


After the tow truck, we went to get dinner together, where he proceeded to tell me about a new friend he has made. A girl who works in the same position as he in the restaurant.  He had a lot of positive things to share centered mostly on her level of coolness and how similar to him, she seems. It felt refreshing to see him so open and careless in what he shared, No guards up, just open and connected. It felt like a kiss from the universe to be his confidant. I enjoy how his mind works.  Being witness to how he is pulling together all the bits of his life is beautiful. He is making life his own.  These moments are a consecration of our relationship.   As I was sitting in Dibella's sub booth and he was telling me about all the new things his roommates and he have been doing to their apartment -  I kept imagining four young men bonded and supporting each other to create a fun home they are proud of.  It feels good, it feels right for him.  

Noah is looking healthy and whole. Noah is a blossoming in bloom transition to full-on adult ....yet he is still a curious child deep inside (like me) I can find similarities...I can feel the connection...and I know...we are similar. He is so very level cool...not worked up...chill and available, yet full of nuances that whisper mystery, He keeps me wondering...what the next development will be for him? His life, on his terms.  


He is gorgeous. 


And all my gripes and worries...melt away as I bask in his presence.


Gratitude...my prayers....surround me, through me, and I am living it...thankfulness, fully encompassing.   

Thank you divine....thank you so very much for all the moments shared with Noah. 

be loving, be..well, and be...


mote it, bestow it.  



peace and blessings















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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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