Words and more

I seek to understand, appreciate, and create.



To draw out or to bring forth, elicit words is about emotions, energy, creation, the unfolding world and finding balance. If you enjoy writing, reading, poetry, short stories, pros, music, reading other's opinions, blogs, beaded jewelry, and crafts I hope you like my web site. If you don't like any of those things then I think you should expand your sense of comfort and see where it takes you.


There is much I find worth exploring through watching the simplest interactions. I write about the way I feel, what I am thinking at the moment, my latter reflections, my shortcomings, and what I see...things that come to me when thinking deeply to find the still peace.


When I create jewelry, I start with a thought or a feeling and then I spend time hand picking beads that carry a sense of the emotion, much like I do with words in poetry. Each necklace is unique; the pattern and arrangement of beads is like no other. It is a very intimate experience for me and I take a lot of pride in the finished piece. I am new to jewelry making, but have taken a few classes.


What ever position I take, as a member of the audience or a novice meddler with instrument in hand; I do so because I enjoy it. I am sure that music will continually impact me throughout my life.

The rest of me is on the other pages, and what is not, is private for my life to be shared with the ones who find reason enough to know me beyond a simple passing. peace