Understand, Apperciate, Create

November 25, 2018

...this particular weekend's passing impressions...

noticing hand stitched black bonnets and shawls

crossing the road in a hurry
crowning in rhythm 

delivering frosted cupcakes

smiling  with thanks

traveling up to a shaker mountain

being cleansed by a hawk feather

honoring grandma, mother, sister,: speaker

caring an eight hundred year bundle of tobacco

blowing smoke in 7 directions

eating deep red borscht...

November 1, 2018

the actualization of true self 


thrive with opening

the vessel vibrant with fragrance

thoughts passing in evaporation

 with assurance, a process

bottom to top, hydration

through pressures of 

ideas: various...sweeping ideas, plain as sensations

 stinging nettles in a mood.

and those quiet...ways of wind blowing, a field to a wave.

behavior in rows of orchids...and poppies.


stem and petals


August 12, 2018

 aspects of the night

piercing bits of existence...hanging out everywhere whispering behind densely populated human interference...and proof is in the far off hills where there is no hiding... it's a mater of fact, everywhere that land meets sky...reality...knocks you off into a billion other places all at once, you are viewer...viewing....everything that is beyond...all points reaching right down i...

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We are knitted...knotted...mirror...mirror


I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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