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And just like that... I am committed.

that gnawing truth about the environment i have been trying so hard to come to terms

with... meat is not a necessity at this point, i have choices, my choices matter, i can't afford an electric car right now, so I ride my bike as often as possible and I eat plants. 10 years ago I was a vegetarian... i gave up with lack of will that came with the dull-drums of what to

make for dinner, lack of cooking skills, demands of being a mom, working, and a clutter of

other 'things' becoming easy give up points...

Points leading up to the choice. I have been listening to Rich Roll's podcast for over a year who is an ultra runner who is entirely plant based. I read his book Finding Ultra. I read The Vegetarian by in book club, though fiction...I felt her pain. I have been listening to the No Meat Athlete podcast. I read Scott Jurek's Eat and Run. Scott Jurek's own growth through carnivore, to vegetarian to vegan is detailed along with his amazing running career. His story is inspiring. I read The Ethics of What We Eat and Why Our Food Choices Matter by Jim Mason and Pete Singer. I read The Happy Vegan by Russel Simmons I watched Forks over Knives on Netflix and Earthlings on youtube. So it was all building up to be this decision that seems I was being asked to make...

Adventures ahead... I am vegan & all in.

At this point I have no reason to not be vegan.


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