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The 17 Steps of the LBRP -D.E.'s version

1. Ateh (ah-tay)

2. Malkuth (mahl-kooth)

3. Vegeburah (vey-geb-boo-rah)

4. Vegehdula (vey-ged-dool-lah)

5. Le Olam, Amen (lee oh-lom ah-men)

6. Eastern is YHVH, or Yehowah (yay-ho-wah)

7. Southern is ADNI (Adonai), pronounced (ah-don-eye)

8. Western is AHIH, or Eheieh (pronounced eh-hee-yay)

9. Northern is AGLA (ah-gay-la)

10. “Before me, Raphael” (raf-ee-el)

11. “Behind me, Gabriel” (gay-bree-el)

12. “On my right hand, Michael” (mee-kai-el)

13. “On my left hand, Uriel” (yur-ee-el)

14. Metatron (met-ah-tron)

15. Sandalphon (sahn-doll-phon)

16. “For around me flame the pentagrams.”

17. “Within me shines the six-rayed star.”

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