Anti-Social Attic Rehab

March 21, 2020

Collectively- we are all social distancing ourselves. 


Guilty pleasure - I have enjoyed most of this time.  It is not a secret though I strive to be peace with love and light, I tend to find many people....with cynical eyes.... at times predictable, tiring, annoying, and taxing.  My negative elephant in the room energy that finds no tolerance in this "Stay Positive" vision boarding society.     I don't like "faking it till I make it" when I am worn thin with folks. I enjoy small gatherings splattered over a year and then relish in my alone time.  There have been entire seasons where I was extremely social to create the type of environment for Noah and Josh to have so many experiences. 

In my me-centered view, this has been a sweet shift. 


In the more wide-eyed drawn-out broader perspective, I recognize my privilege and current state.


Josh, Noah, and I are not sick or exhibiting any signs of sickness; we don't know anyone suffering from illness. So it is easy for now to remain in this place of welcomed social distancing. Being an introvert that has spurts of socializing enthusiasm, this is no struggle for me. Josh is way more of a socialite than I and is prone to be a bit depressed when not having a night at the pub to look forward to. 


Of course, that's not to say that this outbreak has not hurt us, Josh is out of work right now as the live event business is flat and there are no all.  Noah is out of work for now, as he can't cook at the restaurant because it is closed for businesses. I have volunteered to give up hours at Delta so that others can work, those with small kids, or who don't have second jobs need the hours far more than I do.


 Thankfully we have saved up a vast reserve, and also we chose not to buy that house in the country as it came back with some major issues after the inspection. 


As Josh has been out of work, he has been finishing the attic. We hope it to be our Master Bedroom by the end of April.  It has been a few months now, and it is getting so close to being done. We will have to cut a few costs until the economy is more robust, meaning we won't replace the windows, we will paint the wood floor and get a throw rug instead of wall to wall carpet, and we will be delaying getting a new roof on the house. 


 Here is the evolution of our attic: 

Here it is before the last few items were taken out of the attic.   Over a month long clean ot and sorting before we got to this stage.


The framing is just started here.







The space is really starting to be transformed






Josh has done a wonderful job and his Dad helped us get to this point! 

Looking foward to coninuting the soical distancing from our attic bedroom.

Sending warm wishes of health and digital conections to all. well.

mote it...

peace and blessings 













































































































though I was disapointed in not seems it all worked in our favor as now we have very little pressure on us finacially.    



 It has been a bit since I have blogged, though I have been working at my computer daily doing Self Direction notes, emails, and writing in word.   

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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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