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August 29, 2020



It has been 4 months since I have felt like blogging.   I have been in the mood to do just about everything else but sit at my computer.  The last four months have been filled with a variety of activities...all shrouded in the COVID pandemic which has made 2020 a year unlike any other I have yet to experience.   I have had three COVID Tests, all negative and one antibody test...also negative.   I have redefined down time...by literally doing nothing but sitting in the hammock for large stretches of time to watch the birds eat at my bird feeders and bees pollinate my flowers. 

We finished the attic and have been sleeping in it now for many months.  At least three months!  It is the most relaxing space in the house, so relaxing that I almost always instantly fall asleep the minute I lay down on the bed.   

I have been tired by 9 pm most nights.  We have been working hard in the yard or working hard in the community.   I am up to three clients now for my work with Alternative Living Group helping people who have disabilities reach goals they have set for themselves.  The work is so lovely, so fulfilling and soul touching; it has been a blessing.   Not to overstate the blessings and to turn this blog into a glib blessings brag...cynicism aside in a world full of blessings.   The "work" keeps me moving, out in the community hiking, crafting, walking, planning, searching for geocaches, seeking all activities that expand the lives of those I work for. All this fun has me tired. 

Delta was on pause for some time, but now I am back.  I originally considered a buyout package they offered employees... years of free travel and a monetary lump sum.  At the last hours I chose not to take it.  Truth be told, I love the work so much, it is so unique, so rare to get the opportunity to work for Delta in our area.  It's not like this is Atlanta or Detroit, this is small Albany, and I got picked to get a second interview after hundreds of applicants applied.   The learning curve for someone like me who gets a bit neurotic when anxious was long.   Yet I got through that.  Now I am at that place I remember longing for when I first started working the gates.  " I just want to be at that place where I no longer feel nervous and everything feels easier" - Well I am there now.  To leave Delta right when everything was falling into place in my training felt so heart breaking.  So, I chose not to.  I made a gamble, to stay even though the airline industry has taken a hard hit to air traffic during this pandemic.   I feel our airline is making safety a first priority and if people want to travel and be safe, Delta is the airline that will do everything to be the safest airline out there.     I head the safety committee in Albany, so I know firsthand how serious safety is to our company.  ...So yeah, I am still at Delta - right now I am really loving my shift hours.   No early mornings...no 3 a.m. alarms.  Life feels so rest filled right now lol.  


Our Blue Path Puppy Sundae- Blue Path is an organization that provides service dogs for children with Autism.  The puppy we are raising is Sundae and she is super.  Right now, are those pesky months where she is trying out all things and working hard at understanding good house manners.   She has been such a sweet addition to our lives these last few months specially since Josh hasn't been working as much.   We love all her puppy energy.   Josh likes to call her flops, because she just flops down and totally go into chill mode.   My friend Aimee has been helping us out  so much, I can't take the puppy with me to work like I could when I had the office job.  Aimee works in an office and has been taking Sundae twice a week to practice being out in the community.  It has been a great support and we are seeing a lot of improvement in Sundae as she matures.  


Noah starts his new job at the Co-op on Monday.   He is happy to be leaving 110 Grill.  He has been working hard; putting up with drama, doing double shifts for an unorganized management team that seems to be missing some know how on how to create a mentally healthy work environment  I know how challenging being in a place that zaps your soul can wear on you.   I believe that Noah will be surrounded by some great people at the Co-op.  As I volunteered there in the kitchen a few years back, I got to see firsthand how they run the kitchen there and how the employees are treated.   Along with the Co-op bringing together some of the most unique creative spirits in our area, the grocery store has such a wonderful foundation supporting the community and earth health consciousness.   

Noah moves back into our house in October - to save some money to travel in Europe.  Once the virus is under control Noah wants to travel and explore. This is the time he is at that age where he has few commitments and like all of us could really benefit from world travel.  His good friend from elementary school is now in London.  Noah's goal is to get there and to visit some places, to have some worldly experiences.  I love that he is thinking about this as a real option for him.   I can get him there on my flight benefits for free.... he just needs to have enough money saved up to live off of while there.    No one is more excited about Noah moving back than me.  I have missed Noah.  he has matured so much this last year and it will be great to have him around more often.  

Other things: Prison letter writing campaign.  Well underway and I have met a few really special women through the program.   My most closest pen pals raises services dogs in prison and we have a lot in common.  My other pen pal she has been open to life coaching.   My goal is to help them find resources to make life better for them, their families and their communities.   For many years I have always dreamed about having an active pen pal with someone who was invested in building a relationship through letter writing.  Now I have fond the program that is making that a reality.   I am learning so much about life and connection.  Thank you divine for this opportunity to connect with others.  


I have applied to be a sexual assault Hotline Volunteer.  It would involve hours of some training.  I am unsure if the Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center is actively seeking volunteers during this time of Corvid, but I have sent in the application.   Hoping that I can provide some sort of service to this organization.  





































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