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525948.767 Minutes

it's been a few minutes.... since i saw myself as - tell all wanderer.... where have i been?.... work: a lot of it....all of it taking up a lot of my time - making due diligence.

heartbreak: fell in love with a wild bird that I hand-fed and named Cosmo, so i explored space in a way...the space in my heart that was opened by a starling. i explored life after death, the underworld...and grief. my sweet young beautiful friend Kaydee died i was never able to say goodbye or anything at all really. my wild bird flew away (or was eaten by a hawk). my cat nearing 20 passed away as well. remorse a drift on the river of Styx for sure.

revival: renewal as is a blessing, i explored healing, i got a new bird his name is Atreyu, .a.k.a.: Bob. i have honored my friend and my cat by setting up picture altars, i have memorialized my love for Cosmo by hanging his feathers around our house. an older cat with no teeth has come to live with us in honor of our not long passed senior kitty. Cleo is chubby, grey, and wonderful.

gallivanting: I have been to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Grand Turks, Florida, New York City, and Atlanta this year...we will be taking josh's dad to Disney world soon, and then a trip to Nevada...and eventually a trip to England.

gluttony: oh i have spent to much money, decorating the house, building a wardrobe, gifting others with mementos, I have borrowed against my faith in my own hard work. i have been learning about tightening the purse strings this month and setting up plans. i have gained weight this last year...because i was in a cocoon of healing and lacked a lot of energy and lost track of some time... i have joined a weight loss support group and mindfulness is our chorus song. ((("all together now....we all live in a yellow submarine..." )))

discoveries: Neville Goddardthe crown, some good books, nature trains, and the pathway back from a long strange year....

hopes: world peace to burn in all of our desires, connections that are uncomplicated, for my car to make it one more year, and a just "Say No" attitude to buying some cute overpriced socks or another darling pair of shoes, to wait it out...wait out the storm.

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