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A Love Sigil Swirls Circled

As I enter the season of celebrated love

I’m arranging the space of my heart,

with doors. valves, and chambers.

This gives me an ability…to arrive through or exit out of my mind.

I feel more receptive in a room

that provides choices on

where to come from and go freely to.

With lights as bright as a noon,

clear as mid-day

absent of clouds

and as deep as fabled mysterious mythical seas.

My heart’s center piece is copper with chartreuse weathering.

Here I have invited air bellowed with sandalwood and orange.

This location is mingling in between reality which provides levity and opportunity.

A duke is approaching, on the steps of 30 legions.

Sweet Sallos stands within me, so I know affection.

And as if on a psychedelic trip, standing nested within myself, within more of who I am, and then deeper within more of me. The minute me, to more even smaller me, to the very atom of me, to me finds you…till me finds we…enclosed.

Within, the story goes… by Sallos this has been told, “ that love comes from rebellion, union from division, and the calm of peace is buried in the ashes of battle.”

A lesson imparted with the presence of time, that has passed through my life, what was once me, and what is now mine.

My love set me on this journey into my heart. 

I have invited the muse and now we embark, with imagination and drive, to excitement and harmony.

You are welcome to join,

we seek intimate company.

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