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Live Livre des Esperitz

As a way forth to revolution amidst realms of oppression.

As if a hawk clenches your fist while the earth shakes in motion.

This is once again an opportunity to speak the truth of your bright light.

Your life a compassionate account, where benevolence survives beyond clumsy authority.

You may metaphor Agares within a struggle for justice.

This allegory to task a reminder, get as weird as you like.

Retrieve those runaways and grant them their noble titles.

Remind them they are subject to their Will alone.

Infernal freedom from shame and all faith’s that faulted.

Now mental a grand Intelligent design… scientifically sound and proven yet full of allegory and esthetic creativity.

Live as free as an old man riding a crocodile, fearless and peculiar.

This is your path, noble and just.

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