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Menagerie lower-level Open Pasture Cattery

(hello…I’’m Jet)

soon we will be welcoming a new feline friend into our menagerie. his name is Jet, and he is sweet, black, and long. Cleo has been with us for almost a year, it will be a year this Thanksgiving. she has slowly opened up to us, and is revealing all of her prowess as a lazy chill cat. the process of introduction will be slow. Jet will have the upper realm with two floors between him and Cleo. Scent will be the first step, swapping...swapping...then treats in the intro... laser fun, more scent mingling....and eventually doors closed will become doors open for roaming.

we have cardboard boxes turned into cat explorative spaces, cat trees, window hammocks, dangling feathers, cat nip....

Cleo is about to experience hope is that she will blossom even more under the slow and gradual growth of the cattery.

(Cleo in all her glory)

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