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on the sun lounger

before i drew the cards i was laying in the back yard. thinking about the deck and the cards crystal deviational quarts with yes and no, swings. before the king of wands, 10 of pentacles, and the 5 of wands... these are the emotional markers of my three....tomorrow will be new days, new thoughts, more cards. laying there before the three songs on the numeral draw, tomorrow will be new ideas, new melodies.... when I was laying under the tree and it was swaying above me...the starlings were grazing on insects and chickadees fluffed to appear bigger hopping through the branches....dropping berry bits all over I laid as straight as I could on the sun chair letting my spirit guides know they are welcome to have open talks with me. the maple moves softly in the Cosmo finally comes to sit on my shoulder, and we are the best of friends. this afternoon has been so lovely on the sun lounger. tomorrow I hope to have some time here again. <3

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