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June 29, 2016

I was hoping to be further along on revamping Elicitwords at this point, but here it is Summer a few months after starting the new site and I have a lot ahead of me.   Oh the plans I have for this web site though! 


The updated Story:

Today I am wrapping up Homeschool for the 4th quarter of Noah's 9th grade year.  His first quarter in homeschool, but 4th 9th grade school year quarter.    I am typing up his grades and reports and will send them off to the district office before the day is done.

We pulled Noah from public school in Early April.   After giving public high school and honest attempt on all fronts, we decided public school was not meeting our family's, especially Noah's, needs. 

It has been a topsy turnery adventure of figuring out how to home school while working a full time job, training for marathon #2 while carefully nursing an injury, raising two lab pups and and and elderly high needs dog.   On top of that Josh has been busy building up his connections in his career.  Traveling all over the country, San Fransisco, Portland, to Miami...and so many places in-between.   Mean while buying gear, renting out gear, proving his worth to all the local top audio companies....  It has been a hectic year!  On the side line our birth daughter we lovingly placed for adoption when I was 16 years old has been busy, moving from location to location, working out her kinks with her adopted family, got married and had a baby.  This year!  Holy Holy Holy....smoke!   Needless to say, book club, gardening, crafting, pen palling, couch surfing hosting, and many other things I enjoy has been paused so I can catch my breath.  

I really would love to get my Willow in the Woods story board in place and highlight beautiful Hedy on this website.  I would love to share my new found homeschool resources as well as get a few great recipes up, including the Ethiopian food Noah made when he was doing his unit study on Africa.  


We have a lot of great adventures on the horizon as well.  Tangle wood in the Berkshires, Folk Festival, Concerts, Hikes, Camping, Whale Watching, Sturbridge, possible trip to Six Flags New England or Wild Wood.   Noah will be volunteering at the food bank off and on for a youth program they have.  Noah is in a film making works hop this Saturday July 2nd.  He will be going to a week long dog training summer camp with Hedy.  Noah will also be working at the Saratoga County Fair this summer as Josh's apprentice.   

I am about to go out on a run.   Looking forward to getting out there.   

So many things are in the works right now....   It is so important to get enough sleep, to spend time at my altar praying, to eat right...and stay well hydrated.   Time management not my strong point yet when I do fall in line it seems to be a strict dictator of my joy, which I don't feel is that useful while working to maintain energy and joy in my time management  and my to do list it sits still and patiently as i wander here and there doing things in strange order form outside perspectives, i once again spin in circles, I feel very orb spidery.   " Spin Spin Sugar".   These are 'old' themes and songs...rewoven.   Currently I am busy as always just in new ways.   

I need a night of hooping with the lights falling around my shoulders....while Josh watches me waiting for me to join him in a cuddle.  That will be happing.... mote it.


peace and blessings 



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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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