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May 2, 2019

It's two days into May and we are immersed in all things spring. 


We have been working outside in the yard over the last few days.  We discovered an interesting ant colony by the shed, which Josh finds troublesome as he believes they are carpenter ants.  Right now they are happy living between some old panels of wafer board left over from a construction project. I'm thinking he is planning something for them...yikes, I told him not to tell me. 

We went to Atlanta last weekend.  The highlight for Josh was renting a convertible Mustang which we drove through Georgia up to the Chattahoochee National Forest.  We also explored the city of course.  Atlanta is beautiful! 

Some of our favorite spots:


Sweetwater Brewery -> REALLY GOOD BEER AND FOOD! Beautiful ambiance.   A winner or our hearts and a place we will be visiting again for sure. 

Pure Taqureia -  We wanted to ride some scooters in the park, we also wanted to have some good food and a yummy cocktail.  Naturally we found our selves on Highland Park, in the Inman Park area.  A beautiful location, full of lively folks out to enjoy themselves.  


Here in Albany: 

Noah has saved up enough money from his two jobs to buy a car, we are searching the east cost for good deals.  We are considering flying to an east coast warmer climate state that does not have winters, to find a car in great condition.  We would then drive the car back to New York.   So far he has found a 2009 white Mustang that he likes, but it just had a little too many miles to be a final contender. 

Am I nervous about Noah driving again?  - you bet I am.  ...But he is determined to get a "sweet" car and he said he has learned many lessons in the last year that will make him a responsible driver.  

Noah now works at 119 Grill and the Sky Loft.  The Sky Loft is a new establishment at Crossgates mall.   It offers Live music, food, and drinks.  On his first night he said a blues band played.   


I'm flying back to Atlanta tonight for the charity event Jet Drag, I am part of the North East Snow birds team raising money for the American Cancer Society.   Today I am walking a few dogs, putting together the Albany basket for the event auction that represents my region, and then heading to the airport to pick up the team shirts.  I'm super excited about the event.  I am one of two people from Albany joining teams that will be gathering from all over the world to compete at the Jet Drag.  

There are so man great things happening because I choose to take the Delta job.  

1.  I am now trained and certified in CPR - Thanks to Delta
2.  Quarterly Delta Blood Drives -  American Red Cross sent me text letting me know a patient received my donation and I'm signed up to donate again this month.  Really proud of Delta and the Albany Station in making this a priority reoccurring event. 
3.  The TRAVEL! - I don't need to explain myself, everyone who knows me well knows how jealous I felt of Josh who was getting paid to travel the country while I stayed home in my boring, drama laden, office job with a bunch of folks that increasingly were annoying as time dragged on.  Don't even get me started on the read between the lines things, and issues on simple things like do your dishes that became long conversations in the CEO office on people's "feelings"....  Life droning on in dull repeat fashion.  OFFICE - NO, I won't go back to an office job.  NOW that is over and Travel is real and a part of my job.  Thank You Divine for the law of attraction and all the vision board manifestations.
4. The PEOPLE!  - I have met so many interesting people coming and going...traveling all over, and I work with folks who are just ...one word to encapsulate their attitude, maturity, and customer service: Fantastic

5. My retirement :D I'm actually building towards it now with a company that matches and cares about making sure you have access to help in planning! 


Spring is - Clean up and Clean out!

I have done a heavy...HEAVY....pruning of the clothes.   It sure feels good to get rid of many things.   Bonus, I have found some great deals on Loft, Banana Republic, and Dockers petites the other day, it was like I hit the jackpot of petite clothing that was donated barely worn. Clearly all from the same person. So I am enjoying the reward of  hard work in donating about 75%of my old clothes.  

Josh and I joined a gym together and have worked out together: He said it made him feel good. I am thrilled :D 

Vegan news:  Beyond Meat went public on the stock market today!   The Impossible Burger will be offered at Burger King across the country.  Apparently the Impossible Burger trial in Kansas City was a success.  We have been following this closely.   We are excited to invest into these companies.  

Noah has been making pour over coffee in the mornings - well... he is here right now as I type making it, and that means... NOAH time-  I love spending time with him when he is awake and ready to conquer the day.   Much nicer that the drowsy, just out of bed Noah who has 15 minutes to get to work, those days and conversations not so great.  Today we are talking about his future plans to move to California once he saves enough money, how he is interested in the Scooters that you can get paid to charge over night.  I told him how in Atlanta Uber, Lift, and Bird all have scooters and people make money off charging them at night.  I mentioned that we may move to Atlanta in the future as that is the main Delta hub, and it's a real possibility that I may choose to move to a different position.  He seems intrigued. 

I'm off to go walk a Dog - Hazel a sweet pug beagle mix.   Then go with Noah to get him a hair cut...then some shopping at the Honest Weight Co-op, then another Dog walk....then I'm heading to the airport to do all Jet Drag related prep...flying out tonight, be in Atlanta by 9 pm...get to my Air BnB hopefully by 10:30 pm...wake up at 6 am, go to the airport to set up our booth and then do the Jet Drag day! I will be home tomorrow night. 

I have Saturday off, I would love to go to the farmers market.  Then work starts on Sunday and I will be back at it for four days in a row.  

Peace and blessings 

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