Summer Has Arrived

June 25, 2019

We ended up going to Spain, and it was an enjoyable experience. 


Malaga Spain is a beautiful historic seaside city,  Mixed with rural and urban touches; it is full of art, cheerful people, and fragrant smells.   Some highlights would be the Moorish Castle, the Cathedral, the Roman ruins, the plethora of Catholic churches, the beaches, and the old marauding streets only traversable by foot.  

We were lucky enough to stay in The Lights Garden Hostel in the old part of the city, right in the middle of Andalusian architecture and close to everything we wanted access to while visiting.   As we walked through the winding streets, we were continually in a state of awe, that we were in Europe, that we were walking around in ancient streets and that there were a surprising amount of restaurants offering vegan options.  

It was a great introduction to Europe.  We are looking forward to planning our next trip and getting out there to explore all that the world has to offer. 


Currently, it is raining, and I am on my front porch with tea, laptop, and Hedy.   I got up early with Josh.  I'm planning on giving the dogs a spa morning.   The rain is soothing and a comforting backdrop of sound, smell, and glimmer. 


Delta has been going wonderfully - I am still learning so much. 
Dog Boarding - we had a fun and sweet poodle named Scout stay with us this last week. What a low-key happy little poodle!  The possibility of watching Scout again is likely as her person is often going away to serve for the military.  

HairSolon- I started a small part-time gig with a hair salon, helping them with administrative type tasks, but I took the job because I love the ambiance of the solon, the head stylist's contagious joy, and the upbeat music we listen to while I'm there.   I don't think I will be there for a long time as my goal right now is to focus on Delta and Dog Sitting, but it is nice to pop in and help on my slow days.  


 I was able to catch Post Modern Juke Box at Tanglewood last weekend -   a fun, energetic group of musicians with retro 20s/30s era style.  So many beautiful covers reworked and tooled to fit into their show, I had no idea how good the band was at this. finally here but we are busy, so we have yet to go camping, though we hope to do that soon.  I find it interesting now that when I bring up, I have a block of time off of Delta in the next few weeks...- I suggest a camping trip, he suggests a quick trip to Europe or Mexico.  To me, that is a bit hilarious and a silly twist in the path we have taken.  What a delight to even entertain such notions- I mean, what a Blessing! 

Summer is here, and finally, we are filling out summer fun wish lists.  We are taking day trips to the mountain lodge on Greylock, we are kayaking on the lake, we are sipping summer beer, we are grilling, and we are sunkissed. 


Here is a list of the summer things I still would like to do:

Take Harley to the Great Escape - She has never been, if I can arrange to meet up with my niece and nephew there, she will have companions her age to ride rides that are for her size.

Find a music festival that Josh and I can go to as guests, not as volunteers or workers, something that fits with both our schedules.

Drive through Canda for a weekend. 

Go to the Drive-In

Sleep outside on the porch with Josh. 

Go on a star-filled night hike. 

Brew Beer ( I have been bringing this up to Josh a lot). 

Hulahoop next to a fire. 


~ ~ ~


Summer has been busy for Noah as well.  He continues to work two jobs, which to me is one job too many as he should focus on having the right work/life balance, but he is determined.   He would like to do some things to his new car and save up to eventually get his very own place at some point.   He did get over to SPAC to see the Dead and Company which he had been talking about seeing for quite some time. 


Hedy goes to the vet on Friday - she has her annual exam plus we are following up with concern on growth, which she has had for a while, and the vet wanted us to keep an eye on it.  Now it is changing and growing more substantial, so we need more answers on what is actually going on.  I'm staying positive right now, and possibly blissfully ignorant until the vet gives me a reason to worry I'm not going to add that to the energy mix in our house currently.  Hedy is happy, lazy, and enjoying her summer just as much as we are enjoying it.  


We have connected with Pippi's person- her Guiding Eyes graduate.  We hope to fly down to Atlanta and meet up before the end of summer.


Summer is here, and we are enthusiastically present and ready! 












































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I love sharing who I am with the world.  Me: a mirror, expanding, loving life....poet and an evolving multi-dimensional being.  You: a guest....and also mirror mirror. 

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